Community for All Ages

The City of Liberty is one of several cities in the Kansas City Metropolitan area participating in the KC Communities for All Ages (CFAA) Initiative.  This initiative, which began in 2005, is working to ensure older adults are valued, understood, respected and involved in creating and sustaining a high quality of life in their communities.

In 2011 the first baby boomer began turning 65.  Approximately 10,000 boomers turn 65 every day. In Liberty, our 65+ population is expected to increase from 3,236 (2010 US Census) to 4,774 in 2020 (15% of the total population)

KC Community for All Ages Initiative 

What is a Community for All Ages?: A community or city that knows its demography (past, current and future) and plans its services, amenities and investments to meet the needs and aspirations of all age groups.

Where do we begin ?
KCCFAA and the First Suburbs Coalition have developed a toolkit to help elected officials, planners and community leaders respond to these evolving trends, maintain a high quality of life for all residents and to make their cities communities for all ages.

The toolkit offers helpful strategies for community leaders to address:
  • community and neighborhood environment; 
  • housing; 
  • transportation;
  • communication services and facilities; 
  • health care and healthy living 
  • and how to put it all together. 
Liberty is working in partnership with the Mid-America Regional Council, Kansas City’s metropolitan planning organization, to advance the KCCFAA initiative which is designed to help our communities and our region prepare to take advantage of the opportunities — and challenges — presented by a growing number of older adults.

Where do we go from here?

The Mid-America Regional Council, the First Suburbs Coalition and KCCFAA have developed a recognition program for communities working through the stages of awareness, assessment, implementation to incorporate the Communities for All Ages concepts

In Sept. 2015, the Liberty City Council adopted a resolution to become a Community for All Ages. Staff, with Council approval, set a goal of achieving Bronze Level recognition by April 2016. The City achieved that goal and was recognized at a First Suburbs Coalition meeting in June 2016.

Liberty will engage in activities that will lead us to be recognized as a city that is intentional in serving all residents, regardless of age. Over the next 12-16 months, a team of city employees, with assistance from the Mid American Regional Council, will be working towards educating the community on what it means to be a Community for All Ages. You can get involved by: 
  • Providing input. Be on the look out for surveys which will be available on our web site as well as social media.
  • Joining the discussion. The public is invited to participate in scheduled community forums to discuss a variety of topics. All community forums will be held from 6-7 p.m. at the Liberty Community Center, 1600 S. Withers Rd. 
  • July 27- Transportation and Mobility
  • Sept. 28- Social inclusion & Civic participation
  • Oct. 26- Community and Health Services
  • Advocating for change. The conversation can begin with each of you. Decide what it means to you to have a community for all ages, share that information with your City Council person, City Administrator, Parks and Recreation Director, or LeAnn Lawlor, Community Services Manager.  We would appreciate and value your input. 

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