Liberty Community Christmas Tree

About the Program 

The Liberty Community Christmas Tree (LCCT) Program is designed to lend a hand to families and older adults who are facing a difficult holiday season. This program is made possible by the countless volunteers and donors who help the Liberty Community Christmas Tree Commission raise funds and organize donations. A special thank you for the continued support from the Liberty Public School District and the City of Liberty.

In 2022, we were able to: 

  • Raise $71,800 through individual and business donations for gifts, perishable food items and other necessities.
  • Keep the gift card amount per child to $60.
  • Provide food and/or gifts to 350 families with 890 children and 130 other adult households. 


Applications for the 2023 Liberty Community Christmas Tree program will be available Monday, Oct. 2 through Friday, Nov. 3, 2023.

All applicants must live within the Liberty (Missouri) School District boundaries. Children must have permanent residency within the school district, must live with the adult applicant and school-aged children must be enrolled in a Liberty School District school. Children 18 and older, living with applicant will be considered an adult. Please, only submit one application per household. Applications from families who home-school and live within the LPS District will also be accepted. Enrollment and/or address will be confirmed.


The LCCT relies on volunteers in a variety of ways:


Donations are essential to operating the Liberty Community Christmas Tree program. Every dollar raised stays with the program. More information about donating to the program.

Liberty Community Christmas Tree Commission

  • Mark McAuliffe (Term expires 5/1/2026)
  • Amy Abbiatti, Chair (Term expires 5/1/2025) 
  • Rob Fisher (Term expires 5/1/2024)
  • Michele Cronin (Term expires 5/1/2024)
  • Cara O'Riley (Term expires 5/1/2026)
  • Colleen Jones (Term expires 5/1/2024)
  • Jamie Goodwin (Term expires 5/1/2025)
  • Hank Pittman (Term expires 5/1/2025)
  • Molly Casel (Term expires 5/1/2024)
  • Mark VanMeter (Auxiliary Position)


Program Participant -My wife and I are both disabled military veterans who are no strangers to hardships. The pandemic brought us even more challenges when my wife lost her job as a Paramedic and we lost are only source of income. We have weathered most of the storm but some sacrifices were made, specifically, Christmas presents for our children. We are so thankful that the program was able to provide us with relief in the form of food for an actual holiday meal (and additional meals) as well as the gifts donated so that our kids can have a bit of normalcy amongst all of our struggles. Seeing presents under the tree has given all of us a little more hope and we are so thankful for everything.”

Program Volunteer - “Our 6 children were so excited to adopt 3 families this year, 9 children in all.  They picked kids close to their own ages for whom to shop. Shopping was chaotic at first, but overall they had fun and we're proud of their choices.  They learned the value of a gift, and all the thought that goes behind buying one. They learned how hard it can be picking out things for people they did not know personally, while still wanting to make them happy.  Even wrapping was done with extra thought and care to make these gifts special. I think their own gratitude will be all the more this year!   My children (ages 5-16) enjoyed delivery day.  It left a profound impact on me as a parent, how hard it must be for these families on the receiving end to struggle to provide a Christmas for their family. My kids' eyes were open to the face of poverty and struggle, and the importance of accepting others and valuing them as people, despite appearance or where they live. Encountering the gratitude of the adults in the homes where we delivered gifts was overwhelming.  We met the toddlers we bought presents for, which made my shoppers excited. It was really a gift to us to bless these families, and filled our hearts all the more with the spirit of Christmas. I really couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift than doing this project with my family.”