Neighborhood organizations are an important element in any city. They give residents a way to connect, not only with their surrounding neighbors, but with local government officials and provide a venue through which to form partnerships that can help to improve life and livability in any neighborhood.

The Community Development Division is responsible for providing support services to Liberty's neighborhoods.

Liberty has a diverse mixture of neighborhoods, a number of which are organized either through homes associations or neighborhood groups. 

Want to start a neighborhood group or expand an existing one?
Staff is available to provide resources to assist new groups, groups that have fallen dormant, and existing groups that wish to expand their impact or effectiveness.

Resources:Jewell Neighborhood Action Plan and Jewell Neighborhood Handbook

Are you part of neighborhood group or in a homeowner's association?
View our Map (PDF) of homeowner's associations and neighborhood groups to find out. If you live in an Homeowners' Association or are part of a Neighborhood Group that is not on the map, please let us know.