Planning & Development

Homestead Hills

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for guiding desirable community development through its various divisions. Staff in the Planning & Zoning, Community Development and Building Inspections divisions, work to ensure responsible and comprehensive land use decisions, healthy neighborhoods and preservation of Liberty's rich history and quality and safe construction in the community.

Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division manages the current and long-range planning functions of the City. These functions include the review and processing of development applications, platting of property and code amendments, and the implementation of the long-range plans.

Community Development

The Community Development Division manages the Neighborhood Planning and Historic Preservation functions of the city. Other functions include the coordination of neighborhood needs, Nuisance Code Enforcement and providing support to the Arts Commission.

Building Division

The Building Division manages the inspection activities necessary to ensure that residential, commercial and industrial structures conform to building codes and approved plans. The Division's functions include building plan review, processing and issuing permits and inspection activities. The Division also coordinates the Residential Rental Occupancy Code Program and conducts inspections of residential units.

The staff of the Planning and Development Department also guide and support the work of the following Boards and Commissions: