Building Permit Information

Building permits can be obtained on the 3rd floor of the Liberty City Hall, which is located at 101 E Kansas Street or by emailing the application and any applicable plans to: (plans that exceed 20MB can be uploaded to our secure file sharing link, which will be shared upon request). In order to obtain a building permit, one must complete an Application (PDF) in addition to paying any Building Permit Fees (PDF).  The current adopted codes are: 2012.

For all building permit applications, the following information must be included with the building plans:

  • Footing and foundation design including width, depth and location of frost footing.
  • Location and size of all internal piers.
  • Material used for foundation wall and maximum depth of unbalanced fill around foundation.
  • For wood framed floors, live loads being supported, size and type of joists (sawn or engineered) span and spacing of joists, minimum required grade of joists.
  • Span, material, size of all beams.
  • Wood walls - size, grade, and spacing of studs, size, span and material of all headers.
  • Type of lateral support of walls.
  • Wood framed roofs - live loads being supported, size and type of members, spacing and grade with type of lumber.

This information can be submitted on drawings as supplemental notes. 

Current construction activity information is included in the Building Permit Tally. For more information about building inspections, please call 816-439-4534.