Frequently Asked Questions

The following section provides links to frequently asked questions for the Department of Planning & Development. If you have a question that is not answered by this list, please call 816.439.4530.

Building Division 
  • When does the city require a building permit or inspection?
  • How do I obtain a building permit?
  • How are the permit fees calculated?
  • When should I request an inspection?
  • How do I acquire a temporary occupancy permit?
  • Can I construct a detached storage building or garage?
  • Does the city require a building permit for fences?
  • Do I need a permit for a pool?
  • What if I want to install an irrigation system?
  • Are there backflow requirements in the City?
  • What are the requirements to rent a property?
  • Are building permits required for private decks?

Code Enforcement 
  • What is considered outside storage?
  • Are residents required to store trash containers inside?
  • Where can I park additional vehicles if I need more parking space?
  • Is a permit required to add on to my driveway?
  • What are the rules for parking on private property or car repairs?
  • Who enforces abandoned cars or personal property parked on the city street?
  • Can I park an RV on my property?
  • What is the height restriction on grass and weeds?
  • With the increase of West Nile virus, should swimming pools be drained?
  • Do I need a permit to have a garage sale?
  • How can an abandoned house sit vacant and deteriorate?

Historic Preservation
  • Do I have to get a permit to work on my house?
  • Does the HDRC tell me what color I can paint my house?
  • I hear I can’t use vinyl on my home. Why not?
  • Why can’t I do what I want to my own property?
  • Why doesn’t the City make my neighbor clean up his home?
  • I have a plaque on my house; what does that mean?
  • What is a COA and how do I get one?
  • What if I can’t afford to fix up my home?
  Planning and Zoning 
  • Can I conduct a business in my home?
  • Can I place a temporary sign on my property?
  • Can I construct a detached storage building or garage?
  • Does the City require a building permit for a fence?
  • How do I find the zoning for my property?
  • How do I get permission to have a block party in my neighborhood?
  • How do I apply for a temporary use permit?
  • Do I have to get a permit to work on my house?
  • Can the City tell me where my property lines are?

  • How do I find out if I belong to a home’s association?
  • Am I in a historic district?
  • How do I start a neighborhood watch?
  • Can my neighborhood have a block party?

Residential Rental Occupancy Code
  • How do I file a complaint against my landlord?
  • I am a landlord, how do I keep my tenants from damaging my property?
  • How often is a landlord required to have their property inspected?
  • I rent a family member’s house, does this have to be inspected by the RROC Inspector?
  • Are there rental units available in Liberty?