Residential Rental Occupancy Code (RROC)

Basic Code Requirements

The following guidelines are not all-inclusive. They are given as fundamental advice to be applied in all situations. Please refer to the City of Liberty’s Residential Rental Occupancy Code (RROC) for specific requirements.

General Conditions

  • Owners and occupants have shared responsibility to maintain clean and sanitary conditions with no accumulation of trash or rubbish.
  • Windows (and doors opening to kitchens) shall be fitted with screens in sound condition when needed (to keep insects, etc. from entering a building while permitting fresh air-flow).
  • Owners and occupants have shared responsibility to keep units free of infestation by insects, vermin, rodents, etc.
  • When the tenant does not control the supplied heat temperature, a sufficient safe heat source must provide at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit in all habitable rooms.
  • Owners must provide and maintain units that are free from toxic substances (such as lead-based paints).

Basic Equipment and Facilities

  • Sinks, bathtubs and showers must have an adequate supply of hot and cold water. Sinks, bathtubs and showers, and water closets must be maintained and in good working condition, and be properly connected to an approved water/sewer system. Bathrooms must either have a window or a functioning ventilation system.
  • At least two means of egress are required in every unit.
  • Mechanical systems must be structurally sound, in good working condition and installed in accordance with applicable City codes.
  • Locks are required on all exterior doors.
  • All electrical components shall be properly installed, maintained in good and safe working condition.


  • Foundation, roof, floor, walls, doors, skylights and windows must be safe and able to support normal loads, weather tight, watertight and in good working condition.
  • Wood surfaces must be protected against decay.
  • Utilities must be connected and in good working condition.
  • The RROC has minimum space requirements for number of occupants, based on square footage of unit and number of occupants.

Smoke Detector(s) Are Required in All Units

Smoke detectors must be provided in appropriate numbers based on unit size and in locations to provide maximum protection.