Self Guided Walking Tours

Download or print one of these self guided walking tours and maps of historic Liberty.

(Have a mobile device? You can also take a virtual tour through our interactive maps. Select the tour you're interested in from the interactive maps page and you can view photos and descriptions of each stop on all of these tours. )

African-American History Tour (1 mile)
This walking tour highlights 175 years of African-American history in Liberty. Visit the Garrison School, St. Luke's AME and First Baptist Churches, the Freedom Fountain, and homes of some of Liberty's most prominent citizens.

Alexander Doniphan Tour (1.8 miles)
Liberty is proud to claim the lawyer, statesman, and war hero Alexander Doniphan amongst its former citizens. Colonel Doniphan and his regiment are best known for their 300 mile march to Chihuahua Mexico in 1846 during the Mexican-American War. Doniphan is also credited for saving the life of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith while imprisoned at the Liberty Jail.

Dougherty Historic District Tour (1 mile)
The Dougherty Historic District is the gateway into historic downtown Liberty. This historic neighborhood is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is designated as one of Liberty's five local historic districts. The district is named for Dr. William Dougherty, who served as the mayor of Liberty twice and owned the house at 305 W. Kansas Street. Explore a variety of architectural styles and some of the other characters who built some of the town's early homes.

Jewell-Lightburne Historic District Tour (1.5 miles)
The Jewell and Lightburne Historic Districts feature some of the most historic and architecturally significant houses in Liberty. They are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and individually as local historic districts. The Jewell Historic District is nestled up against the campus of William Jewell College and is the largest of all the historic districts. The Lightburne district is the smallest district, but contains some of the grandest homes. Styles range from antebellum Greek Revivals to Queen Anne Victorians to an outstanding example of the Prairie Style made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright.