Art Exhibits

Working with the City of Liberty and the Mid-Continent Library, the Liberty Arts Commission has developed three gallery spaces in Liberty that offer exhibits throughout the year. You don't just have to be paying your water bill, getting in your workout or checking out a new book to enjoy the art on display! Stop by any of these locations to take in the latest exhibits. 

Gallery Locations

  • Art Gallery at the Liberty Community Center (1600 S. Withers Road)
  • Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall (101 E. Kansas St.)
  • Mid-Continent Library - Liberty Branch (1000 Kent St.)

Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall: Liberty North High School Sculpture Students

(Exhibit will run through March 26)

About the Artists: The work displayed in the exhibit is predominantly sculpture student work and is limited to works in the relief that can be displayed on a wall. 

LNHS students begin their study of sculpture by creating works from:

  • 2D Two-Dimensional flat paper and then continue study in creating 
  • 3D Three-Dimensional forms which occupies height, width and depth.

Students are exposed to numerous materials in sculpture, such as plaster, wire, and stone, however, the medium of choice is clay for its inherent property to utilize additive and subtractive processes continually.  

Students in Sculpture are introduced to create works using the element of color and paper with a couple pieces using Suminigashi: Japanese floating ink. The “REACH” arms are constructed from plaster infused gauze and is a lesson based on the Liberty North R.E.A.C.H. ideals:

Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Community, Honesty.

Students plastered their hands and forearms and created unique designs using invented or borrowed symbols to visually communicate what each “reach for.”

Students were asked to represent things most important to themselves as human beings… such as, success, happiness, family, athletics, arts, love, friendships, and goals. The meaning behind some of the invented symbols are powerful and innovative. A variety of lines and shapes were added to create visually active and energetic pieces.

Personal artworks created with thoughtful intent take risk to display in public and we hope you will enjoy these wonderful acts of courage and creativity.  

Liberty North HS Kaylin 1 for web

Liberty Community Center: Photography, Multi-Media & Poetry of Michelle Pond

(Exhibits will run through March 26 )

Michelle Pond2C Mixed Media2C for web

Meet the Artist:  March 15, 10 a.m. Michelle will read her poetry to the Ladies Tea at the Community Center. 

Michelle’s specialty is Ekphrastic writing - writing inspired by visual art.  Ekphrastic writing dates back to Ancient Greece. She will touch on a little history, how to go about writing this type of poem and why she thinks this practice enhances the enjoyment of each piece for the audience.

All of the Liberty community is invited to join.  RSVP to Bridgette Thomas, Community Center, 816-439-4368.

About the Artist: Michelle Pond is a poet and photographer who likes sports, jazz and art inspired by other art. She published a chapbook of grief poems, I Keep You with Me. Her work also has appeared in Thorny Locust, The Enigmatist and Kansas Time + Place An Anthology of Heartland Poetry. Her visual art pieces combine poetry and photographs and have been on exhibit at the Downtown Neon Gallery, InterUrban ArtHouse, Johnson County Libraries, The Writers Place and PT's at the Crossroads.

Mid-Continent Library - Liberty Branch: Oil, watercolor, acrylic and graphite work of Denice Belcher

(Exhibit will run through March 26 )

Meet the Artists: “Art Talk,” Saturday, March 10, 2 p.m. at MCPL-Liberty Branch

About the Artist: Denice is a self taught artist who works in oil, acrylic, watercolor and graphite. Western art is an area of interest as well as portraiture of people and animals. Art educators and influences include Western Artist Earl Kuhn and Oil Portrait Artists Tina Garrett and Michelle Dunaway. Denice is a lifelong Missouri resident living in Liberty, Mo  She is new to public art exhibition.

Dbelcher2C acrylic for web