Art Exhibits

Working with the City of Liberty, William Jewell College and Mid-Continent Public Library, the Liberty Arts Commission has developed four gallery spaces in Liberty that offer exhibits throughout the year. You don't just have to be paying your water bill, getting in your workout or checking out a new book to enjoy the art on display! Stop by any of these locations to take in the latest exhibits. 

Gallery Locations

  • Art Gallery at the Liberty Community Center (1600 S. Withers Road)
  • Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall (101 E. Kansas St.)
  • Mid-Continent Library - Liberty Branch (1000 Kent St.)
  • William Jewell College - Stocksdale Gallery (Brown Hall)

Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall: Bella Cordero

(Exhibit will run through mid Sept. 2018)

Medium: Photography

Excerpts from Artist's Statement: Liberty High School student Bella Cordero explains that "Every photo comes with a story. Each individual photo of this exhibit was captured at a certain second, minute, and hour in time. Whether it was the specific lighting of the sun at that time of day, or the kiss between two young lovers, to even a sweet dog running towards the camera hoping to get a tummy rub. The location of the photographs range from Kansas City to France, from Liberty to Spain. 

Liberty Community Center: Jackie Denning

(Exhibit will run through mid-September)

About the Artist: According to, a mandala is  "schematized representation of the cosmos, chiefly characterized by a concentricconfiguration of geometric shapes, each of which contains an image of a deity or an attribute of a deity."

Since 2012, Denning has been working on a series of mandalas. She studies symbols and arranges them around a central focus in a symmetrical manner. 

Each mandala has a theme. They can be used in meditation by gazing at them and letting your mind wander. Mandalas can also be placed to set intention in your home. 

Denning holds mandala making workshops where people can 

Artist website»

falcon mandala sm

Mid-Continent Library - Liberty Branch: Barbara Akers

(Exhibit will run through mid September)

About the Artist: Barbara Akers is a painter and pyrographic (woodburning) artist who lives in Kansas City.

Akers_Barbara_Woodburning_12x24_The Bridge the Creek and the Girl[1]

Medium: Woodburning

Artist's Statement: Born in Montana, I studied biology and chemistry in Kansas, and work in the medical field. But I always have done art in some form. I started (being) more serious about it when an artist invited me to join a co-op and sell my work. I have been doing this for over 10 years now.