Board of Zoning Adjustments

The Board of Zoning Adjustments is a quasi-judicial board whose responsibility it is to consider applications of variances to the requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance and appeals to interpretations or enforcement of the Unified Development Ordinance by City staff. The Board is empowered to direct the variance of certain zoning standards upon determination of unique and exceptional hardships particular to a specific property or situation. Decisions by the Board are considered final and may only be appealed to the Circuit Court. The Board is comprised of five regular members and three alternates appointed by the Mayor and City Council.


  • Paul Fessler (Term expires 4/1/2028)
  • Lowell Mayone (Term expires 4/1/2024)
  • Dave Heston (Term expires 4/1/2028)
  • David Dice (Term expires 4/1/2024)
  • Larry Gregory (Term expires 4/1/2028)
  • Paul Victor *Alternate (Term expires 4/1/2027)
  • Rae McClelland * Alternate (Term expires 4/1/2027)
  • Vacant (alternate)

Meeting Time: The Board of Zoning Adjustments meets periodically on an as-needed basis.