Liberty Parks & Rec Foundation

The Liberty Parks & Rec Foundation (formerly the Liberty Parks and Recreation Charitable Fund) was established in 2006 to create a parks expansion fund for neighborhood parks, green space, and to provide financial assistance to aid low-income youth and families to access programs through scholarship assistance.


The Liberty Parks & Rec Foundation (LPRF) provides individuals, families, businesses and other organizations the means to financially contribute to the parks and recreation programs, projects and services benefiting the Liberty community.


To maintain or increase the parks and recreation service level, provide the ability to acquire property, develop, expand and renovate new public facilities and make major capital investments.

The Liberty Parks & Rec Department serves thousands of participants annually. But more than the numbers are the opportunities. Fathers and sons finding common ground in a sporting activity; at-risk kids finding a passion instead of choosing the wrong path in life; little girls learning not just to swim, but believing in themselves; or all of us reclaiming sanity from a walk along a peaceful trail. 

Why do We Need a Foundation?

The LPRF will allow for the development and implementation of highly desirable programs and projects that would otherwise be beyond the scope of traditional funding sources.

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  • Foundation funds are held with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation in an account designated solely for Liberty Parks & Rec.

All donations are tax deductible and you will receive an annual report at the end of the campaign year recapping funds raised and outlining how funds were used.