Memorial Bench & Tree Programs

The Liberty Parks & Rec Foundation (LPRF) Memorial Program offers individuals, organizations or community businesses the opportunity to purchase a bench or tree as a gift for someone special or in memory of a loved one. These memorial locations are available in most parks, along many of our trails and in City of Liberty Cemeteries. The new bench or tree resulting from this program, provides a sense of comfort to those in need and a place of quiet reflection for the community as a whole.

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Memorial Benches

A Memorial bench costs $1,500, which includes a commemorative plaque and installation. Bench locations are available in most parks, along many of our trails, and in City of Liberty cemeteries. LPR purchases, installs and maintains the benches for 10 years. Memorial benches provide a way to honor loved ones in a positive and beneficial manner and provide the community with amenities that may not be achievable without the help of citizens and patrons of the community.

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If you have additional questions after reviewing the application, please contact Tom Garland, 816.439.4384 or email

Site Selection:  Available bench sites have been identified throughout the entire park system. As a donor you will select the park or cemetery where you would like the bench installed. LPR staff will select the exact site within the park of your choice to install the bench. Potential bench sites are selected along our trail system or within the parks or cemeteries that would provide a rest station or prime view of the park or its amenities.

Bench Installation: Benches will be installed by LPR within three to six months after the order is placed. If orders are placed after October 1, the benches will be installed in the spring of the following year. If the bench becomes unrepairable after 10 years, the site will be offered to a new donor. 

Plaque Installation: LPR will place a plaque on the bench with the donor’s requested remembrance verbiage. Each plaque is limited to four lines of 40 characters on each line, counting spaces and symbols. 

Memorial Decoration Policy: The bench with plaque serves as the memorial for the loved one. Because Memorial Benches are located in public use spaces, additional decorations in or around the bench are prohibited as they can create a hazard or additional liability to park users. All additional memorials will be immediately removed by LPR staff. Memorabilia will be available for pickup at the Liberty Community Center for two weeks. Items will be disposed of following the two week period.  

All benches purchased through this program are 100% tax deductible.