Street & Storm Water System Maintenance

Street Maintenance Division Page

The Street Maintenance Division of Public Works is responsible for repairing and maintaining public streets, public storm water infrastructure and public traffic signs within the City of Liberty.

The Street Maintenance Division is located at 400 Suddarth St., Liberty MO, 64069 and can be reached at 816.439.4515.

  1. Snow and Ice Removal
  2. Street Sweeping & Mowing
  3. Traffic Signals & Street Lights
  4. Traffic & Parking Signs

Snow and Ice Removal


When snow is forecast for the Kansas City Metropolitan area, a subscription weather center contacts the Liberty Public Works Department with updates on the snow and ice arrival time. Based on this data operational decisions are made on the best approach on how to address the snow and ice treatment. Once the snow or ice event starts, City crews begin treating primary/arterial streets and then residential streets with plowing and or with salt and liquid calcium chloride. The streets will be plowed and or treated until the roadway are cleared or traversable. During extreme cold temperature conditions crews may leave a layer of snow on top of an ice layer underneath for traction.


Between the Public Works and Utilities departments the City utilizes 13 employees for treating events and a total of 23 employees for plowing events. Crews use a variety of trucks which include 2-1/2-ton dump trucks and 1-ton dump trucks all with salt spreaders and plows, as well as several pickup trucks with plows that work to clear the City’s more than 380 lane miles of roadway.

The current salt storage building holds 800 tons of salt, with additional salt orders delivered as needed throughout the winter.

Crews and Material

Crews work on 13 snow routes that cover arterial and residential streets throughout the community. It takes crews four hours on average to treat each route one time through. In a typical two to four-inch snowfall, up to 200 tons of salt may be used. Sleet and ice events require even more material.

How Residents Can Help

Residents can make it easier on crews during winter storms by parking vehicles in driveways when possible. This makes it safer and more efficient for our City crews to plow the streets when vehicles are not parked in the roadways.


Mailboxes that are properly maintained and correctly located per established US Postal Service Guidelines will withstand snow coming off plows. The City is not responsible for damage that occurs due to snow discharge. If a mailbox is directly hit by the City of Liberty snow removal equipment, the damaged box and post should be left in place and reported within two business days via email or by calling 816.439.4514. Repairs or a temporary receptacle will be set up within one working day of reporting. Repair of the mailbox provided by the City of Liberty will meet US Postal Service guidelines and standards. The City will provide a similar replacement to the damaged mailbox/post.

Snow Removal and Public Safety Tips

Here are some other tips to help expedite snow removal and ensure public safety: 

  • if you don’t have to get out and drive, don’t.
  • if you have to drive in winter weather conditions, consider the following tips:
    • stay back at least 300 feet from the rear of the plow truck so the driver can see you.
    • don’t pass snow plows and salt trucks. The drivers have limited visibility and you’re likely to find the road in front of them worse than the road behind.
    • decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you.
    • have an emergency/safety kit in the car in case of a breakdown or accident (with flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, basic first aid kit, etc.).
    • try to limit your driving during winter storms. The fewer cars on the roadways, makes it easier for efficient snow removal.
    • in the event you’re in a non-emergency accident and your vehicle is still drivable, you’re encouraged to drive to safety.
  • children are attracted to snowplow trucks. Teach your children to stay behind the sidewalks when they see the trucks coming.
  • to avoid windrows (the line of snow often left by the plows along your driveway), shovel the area to the right of your driveway (as you’re facing your house). Check out this video from MoDOT»
  • if you have a fire hydrant near your property be sure to remove snow from around it to assist fire personnel in the event of a fire.
  • remember to clear sidewalks adjacent to your property.

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