Design Criteria & Technical Specifications

All construction of public infrastructure shall be designed and submitted to the office of the City Engineer according to the requirements set forth in the City of Liberty Design Criteria and Technical Specifications. These documents provide standards for the construction of all infrastructure and the proper plan documentation to submit for approval and permit for the construction of such facilities. These design criteria and technical specifications are the latest version as adopted by the City Engineer.

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Any questions regarding the Design Criteria and Technical Specifications, public works projects, or this process should be directed to the Engineering Division at 816-439-4500.

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Submission Requirements

  • Procedure for Public Improvement Plan Submittal

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    City of Liberty Technical Specifications and Design Critera for Public Improvement Projects
    Roadway Design Criteria Construction Specifications Standard Details

    Road Improvements
    37 through 41
    Site Preparation N/A Section 1000 N/A
    Grading N/A Section 1100 N/A
    Subgrade Preparation N/A Section 1200 N/A
    Prime & Tack Coat N/A Section 1300 N/A
    Asphalt Surface & Base N/A Section 1400 D14-1 through D14-10
    Concrete Pavement N/A Section 1500 D15-1 through D15-8
    Pavement Marking N/A Section 1600 N/A
    Traffic Signage N/A Section 1700 D17-1a through D17-9
    Traffic Signals Traffic Signal Design Criteria Traffic Signal Const Specs Traffic Signal Details
          Approved Materials List
    Street Lights Street Light Design Criteria Street Light Const Specs Street Light Details
          Approved Materials List
    Concrete N/A Section 2000 N/A
    Curb and Gutter N/A Section 2100 D21-1 through D21-3
    Sidewalks & Driveways N/A Section 2200 D22-1 through D22-12d
    Guardrail N/A Section 2300 Under Development
    Traffic Control N/A Section 2400 D24-1
    Planing/Milling N/A Section 2500 N/A
    Crack Sealing, Chip Seal N/A Section 2600 N/A
    Sanitary Sewers Design Criteria Construction Specifications Standard Details
      Sanitary Sewer Improvements    
    Sanitary Sewers N/A Section 3000 D30-1 through D30-7
    Manholes N/A Section 3100 D31-1a through D31-5
    Acceptance Tests N/A Section 3200 N/A
    Rehabilitation N/A Section 3300 N/A
    Storm Sewers Design Criteria Construction Specifications Standard Details

    KC APWA 5600

    Liberty Modifications to 5600    

    MARC BMP Manual    
      BMP Manual Addendum 11-10-16
    Materials N/A Section 4000 D40-1a through D40-2a
    Structures N/A Section 4100 D41-1 through D41-11
    Open Channels N/A Section 4200 N/A
    Stormwater Management Guidelines
    City staff will determine if the analysis for a proposed project may be limited in scope from the requirements set forth in the Stormwater Management Ordinance. Items City staff will look at in determining the level of drainage analysis required can be found in the Drainage Analysis Guidelines (PDF)
    Discharge Control
    The volume and quality of stormwater discharges must be controlled from developed sites, both of which are crucial requirements for protecting human life and property, maintaining overall water quality, and for creating more environmentally sensitive site design.  To ensure long term maintenance of installed storm water management systems a Covenant to Maintain Stormwater Management System is required to be executed and recorded at the Clay County Courthouse.
    Waterlines Design Criteria Construction Specifications Standard Details
      Waterline Improvements
    Materials N/A Section 5000 D50-1 through D50-12
    Tunneling, Boring & Jacking N/A Section 6000 D60-1 through D60-2
    Restoration Design Criteria Construction Specifications Standard Details
    Restoration of Surface Conditions N/A Section 8000 D80-1
    Fencing N/A Section 8100 D81-1
    Seed & Sod N/A Section 8200 N/A
    Miscellaneous Design Criteria Construction Specifications Standard Details
    Blasting N/A Section 7000 N/A
    Materials Testing N/A Section 9000 N/A
    Parking Lots Design Criteria Plan Requirements N/A
    Tracer Wire N/A Section 9100 N/A
    Conservation Easement Markers N/A N/A D100-D101