Special Districts CID, NID, TDD

Community Improvement District (CID)

  • A CID is a special purpose district that can be established for the purpose of encouraging economic development in that district.
  • The district can levy taxes, a special assessment, a license tax and/or a sales tax to fund improvements and accomplish specific services approved by a CID Board of Directors.
  • The CID district is managed by a Board of Directors in accordance with an annual report and budget that is reviewed by the City.
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Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NID)

  • A NID is a special purpose district that can be established to fund public improvements within a neighborhood. 
  • It requires a vote of the property owners located within the district or by petition signed by 2/3 of the property owners within the district.
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Transportation Development District (TDD)

  • A TDD provides a method to fund transportation infrastructure by forming a special district area.
  • The district can levy a special assessment, property tax or sales tax within the district to fund improvements located within the district.
  • A petition is filed with the Circuit Court and is voted on by the qualified voters located within the District.