Starting Or Operating A Business In Liberty

Helpful Resources  

  • The Missouri Department of Economic Development provides excellent resources to answer the many questions that might arise. The department’s website provides access to publications and services for the new business owner. Also check that website for service center contacts that can be made by phone.
  • The Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce can also provide information about the local business community. Contact the Chamber by calling 816.781.5200 or via email.

Appropriate Zoning, Signage & Parking 

The first stop for persons contemplating opening a business in Liberty is the Planning and Development Services Division. Planning staff (3rd floor of City Hall or call 816-439-4543 and ask for a planner) will review with the business applicant any zoning ordinances that may apply to the business including location, signage and parking. 

Once a location has been identified for locating a business in Liberty, the prospective business operators can contact the City to obtain an occupation license.

City Business License

This section provides general information about obtaining an occupation (business) license in the City of Liberty and other useful business “start-up” information. For additional information, please contact the Business Licensing Division at 816.439.4457. 

All companies/persons doing business or based in the City of Liberty are required to have a business licenseexcept those exempted by the State of Missouri. 

  • All licenses shall be in effect for one year from the month of issuance, and renewed annually thereafter.
  • The new business fee is $50.
  • The renewal fee however, is based on the company’s gross receipts in Liberty for the previous 12 months.
  • Applications may be downloaded or obtained through the licensing office.
  • A checklist (PDF) may also be downloaded to assist the applicant with all documentation that should accompany the application.

Contractors’ Requirements

State law requires contractors to provide a certificate of insurance for general liability and worker’s compensation or sign an affidavit, stating the company is exempt from worker's compensation. For your convenience, an affidavit statement has been incorporated into the application under the “Worker’s Compensation Exemption Statement” section. 

  • A certificate of insurance showing general liability is required whether you have worker's compensation or not.
  • Electrical, plumbing or mechanical contracting businesses must provide either proof of passing a proficiency test dated 2003 or newer with a passing score of 75% or better or a certificate of qualification to work at the master level in Kansas City, Missouri or from Johnson County for that trade.

Sales Tax License

Businesses that are required to collect and submit sales tax to the State of Missouri must provide a copy of the company’s Missouri Sales Tax License showing the Liberty, Missouri address of the business, as well as a No Tax Due Statement. Sales tax licenses are issued by the State of Missouri, 816.889.2944. 

Safety Inspection 

A safety inspection by the City’s fire marshal is required for new Liberty businesses. An occupation license is not considered complete until the fire marshal’s inspection is complete.

Health Department Permits

New Liberty businesses that have food service or sell perishable food items (milk, eggs, etc.) or beverages are required to provide a copy of their Clay County Health Department permit, 816.595.4200.