Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Programs

The Liberty Police Department is committed to making our City’s streets and community a safe place. The Police Department is a resource to neighborhood groups to provide important information and assistance.


Neighborhood watch was started in the early 1990s as a way for the Police Department and local neighborhoods to establish a relationship to secure the safety of the area in which residents reside. The benefits of joining these groups include meeting your neighbors through an activity that promotes a safer environment for everyone. One can also gain a sense of safety and security by working with the Police Department.


When citizens come together to form a neighborhood watch program they should establish a committee of residents who reside there. This committee should consist of:
  • Area coordinators: organize the entire neighborhood and are the liaison between the police department and the residents.
  • Block Captains: relay information pertaining to their block area to the Area Coordinator.
  • Block Watchers: residents who reside in the neighborhood and relay information to the Block Captain.
Neighborhood watch programs are an effective tool to decrease crime. Citizens who watch out for each other can often provide the necessary information to solve a crime and can prevent a crime. If you are interested in becoming involved with an existing program, would like to assist in creating a new Neighborhood Watch Program in your area, or would like further information contact the Liberty Police Department at 816-439-4701.