School Resource Officer's and the L.I.F.E. Program

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officers (SROs) are positive role models and are available to assist school personnel, parents and students of all schools in the district with law enforcement related questions or problems. The SROs are primarily assigned to the middle schools. They are a resource for all Liberty schools. SROs can best be reached at the numbers listed below.
  • Liberty Middle School & Heritage Middle School SRO - 816-736-6886 or email.
  • South Valley Middle School & Discovery Middle School SRO - 816-736-7188 or email.
The SROs also may be contacted at the Liberty Police Department at 816-439-4701; or through the Liberty Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit at 816-439-4731.

Liberty Intervention Focusing on Education (LIFE)

The SROs direct Liberty Intervention Focusing on Education (LIFE), which includes a Science Based Drug Education program (SBDE), along with an internet safety program (i-SAFE), and a program which covers sexual harassment in the school setting.

The 10-week LIFE program is presented to all 6th grade students in the Liberty School District. Students spend the first five weeks studying anti-drug information. The program covers brain functions and processes, the three major drug categories, “gateway” theory, marijuana and the debate concerning legalization, methamphetamine and other illegal drugs. The program is based on the idea of educating students about what happens to their body and brain when they use drugs, and the damaging long term effects.

The i-SAFE program is four weeks of internet safety education. This program covers cyber security, intellectual property, cyber bullying, personal safety, and internet predators. This is an interactive program which allows for the students to discuss each topic as they learn how to be safe in the cyber world. 

The last week of the LIFE program educates students about what sexual harassment is, and how it occurs in the schools. It also provides skill development for combating sexual harassment, and encourages students to help others who suffer from it.