Dry Weather Tips

Dry Weather Intensifies Outdoor Fire Hazard 

The continuing hot, dry weather is setting the stage for an increase in outdoor fires of all types. The lack of significant rains have dried out yards, wooded areas, highway right-of-ways, wooden roofs and outdoor structures to the point of being very easily ignited even by the smallest of sparks. 

Area residents are urged to be especially aware of the dangers posed by barbecues, vehicles, lawnmowers and smoking materials. Under the current conditions a small fire can quickly get out of control and spread to other areas. The following tips can help reduce the incidence of outdoor fires. 

  • Never leave barbecues or other outdoor cooking appliances unattended. 
  • Make sure outdoor cookers are in good repair and have a metal drip pan underneath to catch fallen embers or hot grease.
  • Park on paved surfaces because exhaust systems on vehicles can easily ignite dry grass. 
  • Clear away grass that collects around lawnmower engines because worn out lawnmower mufflers can emit sparks.
  • Allow your lawn mower to cool before refueling. Gasoline gives off more ignitable vapors in hotter weather. 
  • Never discard cigarettes, matches, etc. out car windows. Always use your ashtray! 

By being more aware of the increased fire dangers during dry weather we can all enjoy safe summertime activities. For more information on fire safety contact the Liberty Fire Department at 816.439.4310.