About the Department

The Liberty Fire/EMS Department is responsible for providing fire protection and emergency medical services to area citizens and patrons.

The Liberty Fire Department is responsible for providing both fire and emergency medical services (EMS). The Fire Department also conducts fire inspections of local businesses and schools within the City as well as hosting various educational fire safety programs.

The department staffs professionally trained firefighters who are either EMT or paramedic certified.


The Liberty Fire Department is housed at three stations:

  • Station One: 200 W Mississippi St.
  • Station Two: 1040 Kent St.
  • Station Three: 2300 N Lightburne St.

Due to the locations of the fire stations, the number of trained staff, and an average response time of 5 minutes and 42 seconds, the City of Liberty has earned an Insurance Services Offices (ISO) Rating Classification of two for the City. The ISO rating is important because it impacts the amount that individuals have to pay for homeowner’s insurance.

For questions or inquires about ambulance billing please call 800.244.2345.

By the Numbers in 2022

  • Total calls: 6,070
    • 73% EMS
    • 27% Fire
  • 3,609 patients transported to area hospitals, 206 of them emergent
  • Average response time: 6 minutes 44 seconds (national average is 7 minutes)
  • Mutual aid: 315 mutual aid calls given – 320 mutual aid calls received
  • 2021 vs 2022 yearly totals: 
    • 2021 = 5,672
    • 2022 = 6,070 (7% increase in annual call volume)