Liberty Champion Tree Program

Liberty loves its trees. Trees shape our town’s character, they reflect our pride, and they improve our quality of life. Just as Liberty’s historical buildings define our shared cultural legacy, our oldest and largest trees remind us of our unique natural heritage. 

The Liberty Champion Tree Program seeks to identify and celebrate Liberty’s largest trees by recognizing a champion for each species. To be eligible, a species must be recognized as either native or naturalized to our area. Exotic species, hybrids, cultivars, and horticultural varieties are excluded. 

The Program is a partnership of Liberty Parks and Recreation and the Liberty Tree Board

Liberty's Champion Tree List will be posted soon!

Measuring a Contender

A Champion Tree is determined by a formula that assigns a point value for big trees. Points are determined by measuring a tree's height, crown spread and trunk size (PDF). The formula adds the circumference in inches (measured at a point 4.5 feet above the ground) to the height in feet to one-fourth of the average crown spread.

Liberty’s Champion Trees are of course just a small sampling of the hundreds of beautiful tree species found across Missouri. The Missouri Department of Conservation maintains a list of Missouri Champion Trees.

Nominate a Champion!

Do you have a potential champion tree on your property? Do you know of a tree that you think might be a contender? It’s important to note that not all champions will be giants. The champion redbud might only be 20 feet tall. Check out the current list of Liberty Champion Trees (coming soon!) to see if you might have a yet-to-be discovered champion. Complete a nomination form (PDF) to see if your tree measures up. Owners can remain anonymous, and exact locations of trees need not be made public. However, we’d love to be able to recognize you and your tree so that others can appreciate it as a Liberty Champion.