Member Benefits

The Liberty Community Center (LCC) offers many programs that help benefit both the body and the mind.  We also serve as an affordable place for people to exercise, educate and spend time with family and friends. Here are some additional benefits for becoming a member:

Available to all LCC Members:

(Annual, Seasonal, Day Pass, Silver Sneakers, Prime, Swipe Pass)

Available to LCC Annual Members Only:

  • Complimentary Fitness Equipment Orientation
    • A wellness coach will take you through the cardio and resistance rooms, explaining and demonstrating how to use or operate each machine correctly. This is a basic equipment orientation that will help you jump start your fitness routine. Adult and Youth orientations are available and can be scheduled at the welcome desk.
  • A special annual member rate for Parks & Recreation Department
  • Early registration one week in advance of open registration.  

Provisions of the Program:

  • Individual member discounts and early registration cannot be transferred to a family member.  As an example, an adult membership allows the adult to apply the discount and early registration to programs for themselves but cannot be applied to another family member’s registration.  However, a family membership automatically makes all family members included on the membership eligible for member discounts.
  • For rentals, member discounts can be applied to private use only and may not be used for public, business, commercial, or organizational rentals.