Emergency Medical Service

The Liberty Fire Department also provides the emergency medical service (EMS) for the City. The EMS responds to emergency calls that originate within the City of Liberty, the Liberty Hospital District, the fire/ambulance district or communities that they have mutual aid agreements with. The EMS will treat patients at the scene and will transport the patient to the closest, appropriate emergency medical facility unless directed otherwise by medical control. The Liberty Fire Department Ambulance Service will not delay treatment or transport of a patient based on the patient’s race, creed or ability to pay. 

Emergency Response Includes

  • Any call involving trauma resulting from an accident, fall, sports injury, burn or incident that results in injury and the need for immediate medical attention.
  • Any call involving an illness resulting from diabetes, heart ailments, blood disorders, strokes, seizures and any other serious illness requiring immediate medical attention.

Emergency Transfers Occur

When a physician deems it necessary that a patient be transported to another health care facility for critical care. A physician, Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) or a registered nurse familiar with operation of equipment being transported with the patient may be requested to accompany the ambulance to the prescribed health care facility.