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Report a Barking Dog

  1. Use this form to report barking dog in Liberty, Missouri.
  2. Has this been an onoing issue?*
  3. Have you ever contacted Animal Control about this issue in the past?
  4. If yes, to further advance your complaint you must be willing to sign a formal written complaint or uniform citation documenting the nuisance barking. This means you must also attend a mandatory court appearance and testify against the resident of the address in which you are issuing the complaint, or the dog owner . By checking "I Understand" in the box below, you are acknowledging that you will make an appointment (via phone or email) to complete all necessary documents at the Liberty Animal Shelter.
  5. Please provide contact information so we can reach you. Your information will not be given out and is only needed in the event the responding officer has a question or needs to follow-up.
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