Owning Pets in Liberty

Rules & Responsibilities of Pet Owners

If you have or are thinking about adding a pet to your family in Liberty, we encourage you to be well-informed and prepared for the joys and challenges that come with that responsibility. 

So, if you live in Liberty and plan to have a pet, here are some things you should know:

  • Dangerous animals: Animals, which are a physical threat to humans or other animals, or are wild by nature, are prohibited under the code. An animal owner must follow special provisions once an animal has bitten an individual or another animal.
  • Dog license: Licenses are available at the Liberty Animal Shelter, all local veterinarians and at City Hall. Rabies certificate must be provided to obtain City license. Licenses are $5 for sterilized dogs and $10 for unsterilized dog. The license tags must be displayed on the dog's collar at all times.
  • Female dogs: All female dogs in heat are required to be confined within a building, in a way that they will not be accessible to other dogs except for planned breeding.
  • Local laws: The City Code states that animals should be properly cared for. Animals of any species must be under restraint at all times, and dog owners cannot allow their dogs to become a public nuisance by barking or howling.
  • Number of animals: There are limitations to the number of animals that one can own. No owner shall own, keep or harbor more than a total combination of four dogs and/or cats over the age of four months.
  • Rabies Vaccination: All dogs over the age of four months must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed with the City.