At Your Business

One of the most common types of pollution from businesses is contaminated water runoff, usually from cleaning and maintenance activities. Simple best management practices (BMPs) can prevent storm water pollution, and prevention is good business. It shows your customers you care about the community. 

The following are some ideas on steps you can take in and around your business. They are measures that do not take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, but can do a lot to prevent water pollution:

  • Plant a rain garden.
  • Routinely pick up litter and debris in and around parking lots and buildings.
  • Store chemicals and other materials inside.
  • Have spill cleanup materials handy near the dumpster and loading dock areas. Dry cleanup methods should be used as much as possible.
  • Do not place leaking containers or garbage bags into the dumpster.
  • Keep dumpster lids closed to keep out rainwater and prevent trash from spilling out.
  • Don't hose out dumpsters. Ask the service provider to switch out the dumpster for cleaning and to replace or repair leaky dumpsters.
  • Keep dumpsters locked to prevent illegal dumping.
  • Clean floor mats, filters and garbage cans in a mop sink or floor drain, not outside.
  • Dispose of wash waters into a mop sink or floor drain, not outside.
  • Recycle grease and oils using grease bins. Clean grease traps regularly.

For more information on storm water quality, contact the Engineering Division at 816-439-4500. 

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