City Charter

About the Charter

Liberty is one of six special charter cities in the state of Missouri. The most recent charter was approved by the State legislature and received by the Secretary of State in 1861.

The City Charter outlines the duties and authority of the City and establishes the Mayor as the chief executive officer of the City.

City Seal 

The city seal is described in the Code of Ordinances as “…a representation of the goddess of liberty, standing upon a rock and holding City Sealin her right hand a staff, supporting a cap, with a scroll of parchment in her left hand, partly unrolled, whereon is inscribed the word “Liberty” in Roman capitals; and encircled around the device with the following words in Roman capitals: ‘City of Liberty, Missouri’, which seal shall be circular and not to exceed 2 inches in diameter.”

The seal is affixed to all official documents of the City and is maintained by its custodian, the deputy city clerk.