I received a Shut-Off Notice, what should I do?

Pay your bill immediately! You can make a payment at City Hall, 101 E Kansas St, or sign on to our website and make a payment. 

Utility service will be disconnected if a delinquent bill is not paid by the due date shown on the delinquent notice. When utility service has been disconnected for bill non-payment, the full amount of the past due balance plus a reconnection fee of $25.00 must be paid before service will be reinstated. 

Customers who make payment before 2 p.m. will have water service restored the same day. Customers who make payment after 2 p.m. will have water service restored on the next business day. Meter technicians will not reconnect service and leave water on if the customer’s meter indicates that water is flowing through the meter. Customers who experience a water disconnection are expected to shut off all faucets prior to water reconnection or have someone at their place of service at the time of reconnection.

Any customer who has been disconnected, but has not already paid a $150 deposit, will be required to pay a total deposit of $150 prior to reconnection. Customers who have a deposit on file that is not equal to $150 will be required to pay the difference to bring the deposit amount up to $150. This is in addition to the payment for the past due amount and $25 reconnect fee. Cash, money orders, credit or debit cards will be the only form of payment accepted after service has been disconnected.

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