What is the height restriction on grass and weeds?

Weeds and grass are not to exceed six inches in residential and developed areas. Citizens are responsible for maintaining and mowing the property to the curb, street or alley where they reside. In certain cases where grass or weeds are not regularly cut, the city may mow the property and bill the cost of the mowing to the property owner. City Code only requires the city to send a one time notification in a calendar year on a property in violation of the weed ordinance. A second violation on the same property with the same property owner is considered a repeat offense. Repeat offenses can be abated by the city and billed without further notice being sent. Any owner interested in a hearing before the director should make that request known within five days after receiving the “Notice to Comply” by making a written request to the director of development. Certainly unforeseeable circumstances can prevent the best of intentions. A phone call to request a short extension upon receiving this letter will be considered. Once the violation is reported or observed, since all the particulars are unknown to us, we have to address the issue at once as vegetation can get out of control rather quickly. Even when violations are sent during rainy periods, the weather usually breaks sometime during the ten days allowing the property owner to mow or trim weeds. On rental properties, the agreement made for mowing the lot is unknown to us so the property owner is responsible. If you no longer own the property in question or believe this report is in error, please advise us at once so we can correct our records. Or if you wish to discuss this matter further please give us a call 816.439.4539 or email.

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