Where can I park additional vehicles if I need more parking space?

All vehicles parked on the residential front yard (corner lots have two front yards) are required to be on improved surfaces, i.e. a driveway or paved parking space. An additional parking space of concrete or gravel can be created without a permit alongside the existing drive, provided that a four foot buffer between the drive and property line is maintained. It can be 20 feet long and nine feet wide. It should be filled with concrete or six inches of compacted gravel and the edges defined with landscaping materials. Once the space has been created on any property, it should be maintained in order to remain a true parking space. Keep in mind, some subdivisions may have homeowner’s association regulations that do not allow the addition of a parking space. At no time should the area parallel to the street be paved or used as a parking space. Vehicles parked on the street should have tires fully on the street pavement and not over the curb or on the grass. Contact a Planner at 816.439.4543 if you have questions about adding an additional parking space.

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