Is outdoor recreational burning permitted?

The City of Liberty does allow small, open, recreational fires. No permit is required, but there are specific requirements and limitations.

  • The size of a recreational type fire is limited to an area of no more than 3-feet in diameter and 3-feet high.
  • The fire must be a minimum of 25 ft. from any structure or combustible surface.
  • Before starting the fire and after extinguishing the fire you are required to contact the emergency dispatcher at 816.439.4701 to advise them of the location of the fire.
  • The fire must be attended at all times by a responsible adult.
  • Water must be available to extinguish the fire.

A recreational fire may not be used to burn off debris from routine brush trimming or a storm, which had damaged trees, etc. One may have to extinguish a recreational fire if it is deemed to present a hazard to surrounding property or if it becomes a nuisance to your neighbors. Recreational fires in any of the city parks are restricted to the barbecue stands provided for that purpose. The fire department may also prohibit a recreational fire due to adverse weather conditions.

For more information on recreational fires contact the Liberty Fire Department at 816.439.4310.

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