• Yellow Lantana at China Slaughter Reading Park
  • Wilshire crew
  • Sweeping the square2
  • Sweeping the square
  • Ruth Moore Park crew2
  • Ruth Moore Park crew
  • Prepping to paint2
  • Prepping to paint
  • planting marigolds
  • Planting at Wilshire Park2
  • Planting at Wilshire Park
  • Planting at City Park
  • Planting at China Slaughter Park3
  • Planting at China Slaughter Park2
  • Planting at China Slaughter Park
  • Picking up litter
  • Painting at Wilshire
  • Master Gardener Help
  • Little helpers
  • Litter crew at Westboro Canterbury3
  • Litter crew at Westboro Canterbury2
  • Litter crew at Westboro Canterbury
  • Liberty in Bloom day
  • LiB Volunteers3
  • LiB Volunteers2
  • LiB Volunteers
  • Fountain Bluff Litter Crew
  • Ditch digging
  • Cleaning up on the square
  • Clean up day coordinator
  • China Slaughter Park crew
  • Bennett Park Litter Crew2
  • Arthurs Hill Park crew

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