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Athletic Fields Ground Maintenance - Fall Season


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    1. CityofLiberty_logo_color150dpi-01.png
    2. Employment Application
    3. Human Resources
    4. 101 E Kansas St., Liberty, Missouri 64068
    5. Phone: 816-439-4440
    6. Fax: 816-439-4419
    7. Email:
    8. Notice to Applicants:
      The City of Liberty welcomes your employment application. Complete this application carefully and completely. This information will aid us in evaluating your qualifications. The City of Liberty welcomes all qualified applicants without regard to their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, medical condition or disability. All offers of employment are conditional upon successfully passing all appropriate examinations and lab tests which may include a drug screen. These examinations are used to determine whether applicants are qualified to perform the essential functions of the position applied for with or without reasonable accommodation. Employment with the City of Liberty is employment “at will”. Neither this application nor any other personnel form provided to you constitutes an employment contract.
    9. To learn more about the City of Liberty, please visit
    10. Please Note:
      Applicants are not contacted unless they are selected to be interviewed. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All fields must be completed with an answer or N/A (not applicable).
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