Why are these projects needed?

Liberty Parks & Rec (LPR) offers a variety of programs for youth and adults in our community. We partner with the Liberty Public School District to share space for these programs to thrive. Now the community and demand for programming has outgrown the capacity of our current facilities.

Specifically, the community has requested more basketball and volleyball leagues, expanded hours for the Silver Center and senior activities, improved leisure aquatics features, more group exercise classes and an indoor walking track to name a few, and this project addresses all of those. In addition to providing room for existing programs to grow and for new programs to thrive, the Liberty Activity Center could accommodate the majority of rec basketball / volleyball team practices and games, eliminating the need for late night practices. 

An activity center will allow the Liberty Parks & Recreation Department to better serve Liberty residents. 

  • The Liberty Community Center, built in 1992, has undergone several expansions and renovations in an effort to keep up with the needs and demands of its users. LPR and the Liberty Public School District have utilized a mutual aid agreement that has provided for the sharing of space resources over the last three decades. As space needs for both entities have increased, it has become more challenging to meet demand. 
    • LPR’s youth basketball program, utilizes LPS school gyms for practices and games for the 1,600+ kids in its competitive and recreational basketball leagues and the more than 500 kids in its volleyball leagues. Due to the growth of the basketball program and shrinking access to school gyms, this often requires late night practices for young students. For volleyball, this means there are limited evenings available for practices. 
    • Due to the growth in the program and competition with school district activities for gym space, LPR basketball is quickly approaching maximum capacity. LPR will be fased with limiting the number of youth basketball participants due to lack of practice space and times.
    • LPR has already had to cap the number of teams in adult volleyball and basketball due to lack of space.  
    • Because of space limitations, LPR is unable to offer any other indoor winter youth sports programs, leagues or camps. (such as futsal, volleyball, baseball, softball, flag football)
    • LPS only has a few school gyms that offer lower basketball hoops for younger ages. With limited availability to these spaces, LPR has the number of younger teams in the program 
  • Currently, group exercises classes compete for space with patrons and programs that want to use:
    • the one basketball court at the Liberty Community Center 
    • meeting rooms that are occupied during the day by the Senior Center and frequently requested for special event rentals. 
  • The Liberty Community Center rooms are used for programs group ex classes and youth programs, which limits the hours available for the Liberty Silver Center.
  • Fitness Center is cramped with cardio and weight machines and is one of the most popular amenities within the Community Center. 
  • Demand for the strength training room has already exceeded the available space.

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1. Project background – How did we get to this point?
2. If approved, how will the bond funds be used?
3. Why are these projects needed?
4. What are the benefits to the Liberty residents?
5. Will kids in recreational leagues get to use the new facility?
6. How does this help seniors?
7. Will my Silver Sneakers Membership include both facilities?
8. Will Kansas City residents pay the same membership rate as Liberty residents?
9. Where will the Liberty Activity Center be located?
10. Why did the City of Liberty not include a competition pool in this plan?
11. What is a General Obligation Bond?
12. How will the GO Bonds be paid back?
13. How will this affect my property tax bill?
14. What percentage of yes votes is required for approval of this bond issue?
15. Why a debt levy?
16. If approved by Liberty voters, when would the property tax debt levy take affect?
17. What is a design-build system?
18. What will happen if Liberty voters don’t approve the bond issue?