Municipal Court Division


Due to the cancellation of dockets in the Liberty Municipal Court the Court has adopted a temporary procedure for limited mail  in requests for amendments and disposition without a court appearance. After restrictions on in-person court proceedings are lifted mail in requests will no longer be accepted. The temporary mail in procedures are as follows:

  1.  Attorneys will make a request by letter to the City Prosecutor for an amendment and recommendation. Requests will be by mail or email to the following addresses: City Prosecutor, Thomas McGiffin and the Court Administrator, Shannon Mills ,  and include a copy of each citation and an entry of appearance by the attorney.
  2. Requests for amendment/disposition by mail/email must be received no later than two weeks before the scheduled (or continued) court date.
  3.  If a reply is requested by regular mail a self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany the request. Otherwise response from the Prosecutor or Court Administrator will be by email.
  4. If the amendment/recommendation from the City Prosecutor is accepted payment in full must be received in person or by mail prior to the scheduled (or continued court date).
  5. This procedure will only apply to the following types of offenses: speeding (less than 25 miles over); failure to provide proof of financial responsibility/insurance; non-injury accident where defendant insured and complaining witness contacted and released by the Court or Prosecutor; failure to appear charges if related to underlying offenses that are subject to this procedure. All other offenses currently listed on the Traffic Violations Bureau as payable without a court appearance. Such other offenses as agreed upon by the City Prosecutor and the Court.           

If you have questions concerning this process please contact the Court Administrator at (816) 439-4432 or Thomas C. Capps at (816) 883-2628.

The Liberty Municipal Court handles all traffic and City ordinance violations written by the Liberty Police, Animal Control and Code Enforcement departments. The Municipal Court is located in Liberty City Hall, 101 E Kansas, Liberty, Missouri, 64068. For more information, call 816-439-4430.


Liberty Municipal Court is committed to professionally serving the citizens of Liberty by administering justice in a fair, efficient, and respectful manner, so as to enhance the public trust and confidence in the court system.

Court Officials

Judge: Tom Capps

Court Administrator: Shannon Mills
Phone: 816-439-4432

Continuance Information

One continuance per defendant may be granted without a court appearance. No continuances will be granted on traffic accident cases. To receive a continuance you must contact the court at 816-439-4430.

Online Records Search

Defendants can use the Online Records Search to view current cases, active warrants and court dockets (within 30 days)

Payment Methods

Cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa are accepted as methods of payment. A check or money order should be made payable to the City of Liberty. Online payments can be made for most minor traffic violations without having to appear in court


A subpoena is a legal order to appear in court at a specific date and time. Subpoenas are only issued when a defendant pleads not guilty and wishes to have a trial. The court may issue subpoenas to complainants, witnesses, and victims at least 30 days before the defendant’s court date.

Defendants Rights to Court

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