Liberty Performing Arts Theatre (LPAT) - Volunteers

Depending on your abilities and availability, there could be wide variety of ways to exercise your talents as an LPAT volunteer.

By far, the most abundant opportunities are those for one-time Event Staff. These assignments can be done on a wide choice of dates, they require only a short time commitment, and they are easy to learn.

Other short-term or long-term positions are available for those with special skills, abilities, or simply the desire to assist. The following tables list potential volunteer positions. (Creative individuals are always welcome to recommend new volunteer positions.)

To discuss or arrange a volunteer assignment, contact Paul Miller, LPAT Coordinator, at 816-439-4371 or email.

Leadership Opportunities
General Information: These positions are assigned to persons who can work with the LPAT for a longer term, overseeing details for more than just one event. Individuals in these positions are interviewed, ‘hired,’ and treated as members of the professional LPAT staff (college intern credit, Honor Society credit, or community service credit may apply). All such persons must be ‘self-starters’ with the ability to work with minimal direct supervision. One person per position. Positions with an asterisk (*) can be done entirely from home. For written communication, a computer with email access and/or a fax machine is preferred, but not required.
Publicity Campaign Manager *
Manage all publicity details; plan publicity strategy; coordinate the content, timing and distribution of publicity materials; establish relations with area media companies; work within LPAT budget; work closely with Marketing Manager, New Media Manager, and LPAT Coordinator; oversee press release writers.
Publicist experience or experience in a related field; excellent written and oral communication skills; professional deportment; strong coordination abilities; working knowledge of news journalism.
Marketing / Advertising Manager *
Develop marketing strategies, printed materials and radio scripts; select appropriate media (direct mail, radio, print, etc.) for each campaign; work within marketing budget; work closely with Publicity Manager, New Media Manager, and LPAT Coordinator; oversee brochure & ad designers.
Marketing or advertising qualifications; excellent communication skills; creativity; good organization abilities; basic knowledge of media requirements.
Business Partnership Coordinator
Encourage business sponsorship of special events; engender new relationships with area businesses; find and creates ways to match LPAT events and marketing efforts with business needs.
Creativity; outgoing and cordial personality; excellent communication skills; professional deportment; ‘follow-through’ ability.
New Media Manager *
Locate appropriate Internet sites, and lists for upcoming LPAT events; finds and links sites to the LPAT web page; keep LPAT information current; work closely with Marketing Manager, Publicity Manager, and LPAT Coordinator.
Internet savvy; an eye for detail; personal computer with access to the net.
Volunteer Coordinator
Oversee all one-time and short-term volunteers; coordinate their work schedules; track abilities and placement of established volunteers; evaluate need for new volunteers.
Excellent organizational skills; personable and invigorating personality; good oral communication skills.
Volunteer Recruiter
Find/create ways to contact individuals and groups; encourage the benefits of volunteer service; work closely with the efforts of other LPAT staff.
Enthusiastic and gregarious personality; creativity; excellent oral communication skills
Development Director *
Locate funding sources; coordinate and write grant proposals; work closely with related LPAT staff
Strong writing and organizational skills; ability to work with grant deadlines.