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Player Ages: Whatever age a player is on May 2, 2023, will be their age for the Spring 2023 season. USSSA allows all players to play "up" in a higher age bracket. The USSSA 2023 Season Begins August 1, 2022 and ends July 31, 2023. 

Player Information:

Player Name: Tommy S.
Age: 14
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Judy Z.
Phone: 816.686.0918

Previous Experience: 2 years. He played when he was 4th grade and 6th grade with Liberty Parks and Rec. (POSTED 1/30/23)

Player Name: Morgan C.
Age: 12
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Kendra C.
Phone: 816.663.3225

Previous Experience: He has played since kindergarten, 6 yrs. Has played in Liberty Parks and Rec for 3 seasons, and with NKCAA for one season. He really enjoys pitching. (POSTED 2/13/23)

Player Name: Casey 
Age: 13
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Sadie H.
Phone: 816.830.7199

Previous Experience: Casey has played on competitive teams for several years in the NKCA and Liberty leagues. He is a hard worker, positive, a great teammate, and very coachable. (POSTED 2/16/23)

Player Name: Langston B.
Age: 8
Competitive Class:  A
Contact Name: Kylee B.
Phone: 816.419.5253

Previous Experience: Has played rec league for 2 years (POSTED 2/21/23)