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Player Ages: Whatever age a player is on May 2, 2022, will be their age for the Spring 2022 season. USSSA allows all players to play "up" in a higher age bracket.) The USSSA 2022 Season Begins August 1, 2021 and ends July 31, 2022. 

Player Information:

Player Name: Vinicio G.
Age: 13
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Keri G.
Phone: 816-384-5552

Previous Experience:  About 3-4 years of baseball experience 2 competitive and the other 2 were not. (POSTED 5/5/22)

Player Name: Jaxson L.
Age: 13
Competitive Class:  A
Contact Name: Eric L.
Phone: 816-726-3795

Previous Experience: Looking for either A or AA. Few years of rec league. Great attitude and drive to learn. Left handed. Can play any outfield position, pitcher or first base. (POSTED 6/7/22)

Player Name: Alejandro N.
Age: 13
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Alejandro N.
Phone: 602-384-1190

Previous Experience: Just moved here from Arizona. Has played since he was 4, now 13. Pitches, plays middle infield, third, and can cover outfield if needed. (POSTED 6/21/22)

Player Name: Zachary G.
Age: 13
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Sarah G.

Previous Experience: Zach has played 3 seasons on 11U and 1 season (spring 2022) on 12U in NKCA league. We just found out his current team is not playing this fall. 

His first three seasons he played outfield, and currently he plays 3rd base and pitches. This season we have calculated his batting average as .388 and on-base percentage is .727.He has played baseball for 3 years with private lessons. This past year he's also had private batting lessons. (POSTED 6/27/22)

Player Name: Easton N.
Age: 13
Competitive Class:  AAA
Contact Name: Kilee N.

Previous Experience: 4 years Parks and Rec competitive. 5’7” 135lbs. Interested in starting back at baseball after Covid and trying out Soccer, Cross Country and Swimming. Second base and outfield preferred(POSTED 7/11/22)

Player Name: Ryan K.
Age: 14
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Courtney K.
Phone: 440-227-8764

Previous Experience: 8 seasons: starting playing in 3rd grade in Ohio; 3 seasons in AA at AJ Wilson. Pitcher; utility, but loves 2nd and centerfield(POSTED 7/11/22)

Player Name: Max W.
Age: 9
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Misty W.
Phone: 901-619-1316

Previous Experience: Max has 4 years experience playing in NKCA. He is a lefty with a .780 batting average and on base average of .780. He is a strong all around player. (POSTED 7/18/22)

Player Name: Sebastian L.
Age: 12
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Debbie L.
Phone: 816-686-8436

Previous Experience: 4 years A/AA Primarily plays OF and SS. Loves the game, plays hard and is very coachable. (POSTED 7/25/22)

Player Name: Preston S.
Age: 13
Competitive Class:  AA
Contact Name: Sarah S.
Phone: 801-641-8983

Previous Experience: Played rec ball for several years. Very athletic. Quick learner and very coachable. (POSTED 7/27/22)

Player Name: Levy D.
Age: 8
Competitive Class:  8U Machine Pitch
Contact Name: Sonja H.
Phone: 816-277-9892

Previous Experience: Has played a form of baseball since age 3. He is now 8 as of 5/28/2022. He has played on a 8U-A/AA team. Including fall season as a Base Invader in the Liberty Mo. league. He is a right handed hitter that plays catcher and outfield. Would love the opportunity to play for a team that will continue to help him grow and progress in he abilities. Looking for a team that practices on the for southern end of Liberty or close to Independence MO. Thank you for your consideration (POSTED 7/29/22)