Q2 Incentive Programs (April - June)

Customize your wellness to get the most out of My Impact Incentives for Q2 and earn up to 1 day of paid vacation. .

The Next 90 Days: April 1-June 30

Credits: 3 credits

A 2019 Reboot- January has come and gone and many of those resolutions are out the door. No need to write off the whole year! Let’s get back on track. Do you want to change a bad habit in your life? Do you want to cultivate good habits into your life? Do you want an accountability buddy? This 3 month program will focus on creating the life you want by creating systems that allow more time for what matters in your life. Program includes materials with ideas for habits that make a difference in your day, tips on simplifying your to do list, trackers and tools to hold you accountable. To receive My Impact Incentive Credit you will need to:

  • Complete your reboot guide
  • Use Habit tracker for 75/90 days
  • Complete post –survey by July 5
  • Register Here»
    • Registration deadline is April 8

Q2 Walking Challenge: April 1- June 30 

Credits: 1 credit / 150,000 steps max of 6 credits 

Join us for our Q2 trackable challenge. Compete against your friends and co-workers to see who really walks the most. We are partnering with ChallengeRunner to offer you a platform to use all your activity trackers and online gadgets to count your steps. Anyone who gets to 150,000 steps (5,000 steps/day for the month) will receive the My Impact Incentive. Leaderboard 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive gift card prizes. Additional prizes for those who beat their own last month by 5%.

  • Register Here»
    • Registration deadline is April 8
    • You will be directed to ChallengerRunner's website to set up your profile.

Need a tracker? Liberty Community Center Personal Training packages and fitness trackers are eligible for payroll auto deduction. Conditions apply and include FT employees only, a max value of $750 and must be used by employee or someone who lives in the employee’s home. *See form here». If you would be interested in having the Health & Wellness Team purchase Personal Training or Fitness trackers for you and then have that money deducted over several paychecks please contact me. Restrictions apply. This is a pilot program subject to changes as they become necessary.


Municipal Challenge

Credits: 1 credit per event  

Represent the City of Liberty in a friendly competition with other municipalities in the metro area. It is called the Eastern Metro Municipal Challenge (EMMC). The EMMC is an annual series of athletic events involving the cities of Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Grandview, Independence, Oak Grove, Pleasant Hill, Raymore, Raytown, and Sugar Creek. The Municipal Challenge started in 2011 and takes place in various locations in participating cities.

  • Pickleball - Thursday, April 4 – Blue Springs
  • Bowling - Tuesday April 16 – Lunar Bowl
    • EMMC to pay half ($5) with canned good item
  • Table Tennis - Wednesday, April 24 – Independence
  • 5k Walk/Run - Saturday, April 27 – Independence
  • Dodgeball - Thursday, May 2 – Grain Valley
  • Golf - Saturday, May 11 - Adams Pointe
    • EMMC to pay half ($18) with two canned good items
  • Darts - Friday, May 31 - Blue Springs
  • Disc Golf - Saturday, June 8 - Blue Springs
  • Corn Hole - Tuesday, June 11 - Blue Springs

Want to participate? Contact Mike Peterman to sign up today»

Wellness U - New Directions Behavioral Health

Credits: Complete four informational presentations or webinars listed in the monthly programs below by July 1 and complete the questionnaire to earn three (3) My Impact Incentive credits

This is a great resource for holistic wellness programs. Wellness U is an ongoing program for the quarter but you must register for the instructions and materials to be available to you. It does take a minute to get set up- but once you go online and look around the site is very user friendly. Feel free to call or email Heather with questions.


April Wellness Presentation 

“Preventing Burnout: A Balanced Life Check-up” Learn how to detect burnout triggers and discover ways to regain enthusiasm and life balance including pacing yourself and being aware of needs and motivators.

  • Wednesday, April 10
  • 1 p.m. in Council Chambers
  • Presented by New Directions Behavioral Health

April Monthly Webinars

  • Available through April
    • Clear Your Clutter: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Wednesday , April 24
  • Wednesday, April 17 (Management Team)


May Monthly Webinars

Credits: Complete four informational presentations or webinars for the quarter to earn 3 credits

  • Available through May
    • Letting Your Emotions Interfere with Eating
  • Wednesday, May 15  (Management Team)
  • Wednesday, May 22


Monthly Webinars

Credits: Complete four informational presentations or webinars for the quarter to earn 3 credits

  • Wednesday, March 19
  • Wednesday, June 13 (Management Team)
  • Available through June
    • Master Your Mind: Emotional and Physical Health Connections 

Employee Wellness U Archived Webinars 

New Directions Behavioral Health (NDBH) offers more than 79 archived webinars on everything from raising kids to how to plan for retirement. Choose a topic that applies to your life and watch the webinar and complete the questionnaire for one of your Wellness U webinars.

Ongoing Employee Wellness Programs

Working out at the Liberty Community Center:

Connect with your peers and move your body at the Liberty Community Center (LCC.)  Register Here to have pass visit reports submitted to Health & Wellness. Attendance logs will be tracked by swiping your member card at the Welcome Desk each time you come in to the LCC. Q2 is visits from April 1- June 30. 

  • 12 LCC Fitness Center Visits = 1 Credit
  • 24 LCC Fitness Center Visits = 3 Credits
  • 36 LCC Fitness Center Visits = 6 Credits

Taking Group Exercise Classes at the Liberty Community Center:

Sometimes taking on the fitness world solo isn’t for you and that’s OK! Let our trainers guide and motivate you toward achieving your fitness goals in a group atmosphere with the Get Fit Punch Card. Look over the full Group Exercise Class schedule and see which classes may interest you. To earn the My Impact Incentive for this program, employees must:

  • Email Heather Borchardt and let her know you'd like to register for a Get Fit Punch Card. She will coordinate with you to pick up the card at the LCC Front Desk.
  • Attend 12 group exercises classes, for each class you attend the instructor will initial your card.
  • Submit the completed punch card to Heather Borchardt by July 1.

Each completed punch card is worth 1 My Impact Incentive Credit. You can complete multiple punch cards per quarter earning up to 6 Credits. By completing the Get Fit Punch Card, employees will also receive a 10 percent discount on LCC Personal Training packages.

Liberty Community Center Personal Training:

Want to take your fitness game to the next level? Personal Training provides 1-on-1 exercise sessions with an emphasis on using proper form, helping you stay motivated and accountable, and links you with professionals who can help you achieve the results you want even faster! To earn the My Impact Incentive for this program, employees must:

  • Attend 12 LCC Personal Training sessions
  • Submit your attendance log to Heather Borchardt by the July 1. Every 12 personal training sessions completed, you will earn 1 My Impact Incentive Credit. This program can only be redeemed once per quarter. Upon completing the requirements for this program, employees will receive a 25 percent discount on their next LCC Personal Training package. Note: There are fees associated with the Personal Training packages.
  •  Learn More »

Choose Your Way to Wellness:

Participate in at least one charity or competitive walk/run/bike event of 3.1 miles or more; or participate in a recreational sports league during the quarter, and submit your verification of attendance/registration to the Employee Health & Wellness team at hborchardt@libertymo.gov by July 1. Required documents:

  • Race participant (timed): submit screenshot of or web link to official timed results.
  • Race participant (non-timed): submit registration form and finish line photo.
  • Volunteer: submit letter from volunteer lead verifying participation on event day (1 credit per 4 hours volunteered).
  • League participant: submit registration form and sign-in log or letter of verification of attendance.