Youth Party Package

The Liberty Community Center (LCC) and Liberty Hy-Vee have created the following package to handle several party details in one shot.

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  • $220 (Non-Members)
  • $195 (LCC Members)

Package Includes 

  • A 60-minute reservation in one of our event rooms (capacity about 65 people), which will be setup in advance and decorated with balloon bouquets. Plus we handle clean-up!
  • A decorated cake from Liberty Hy-Vee, which you select from several different themes with your choice of chocolate, white or marbled cake on the inside, plus vanilla icing (whipped or buttercream) and your personalized message on top.
  • One "Youth Gift Pass" for a complimentary future day at the Center.
  • Two 2-liter bottles of soft drinks, in your choice of flavors.

Each of the first 13 people in your party are provided with these per-person amenities...

  • A LCC pass for the whole day.
  • A place setting for each diner (plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, utensils, etc.) in your choice of five table colors: green, yellow, red, blue or white.
  • A main entree catered by Liberty Hy-Vee, which you pick for your group from these choices:  A) chicken strips and assorted dips; B) hot dogs and assorted chips; or C) two large pizzas, plus bread sticks and marinara dipping sauce.
  • A vanilla ice cream cup.

Additional Guests 

Your party is not limited to the first 13 people.  You are welcome to invite additional guests to join your party in your event room at no extra charge. You are also welcome to provide your own additional food and beverages in the room. However, if you'd like us to serve the per-person amenities above to a reasonable number of additional guests, the price is $12 per extra guest served.

Additional Time 

Your party is not limited to the first hour.  You are welcome to reserve additional hours in the event room (if available) at $50 per hour.

Party Scheduling 

The Party Package is available pending room availability and needs to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. You may also want to consider scheduling your party around 'open use' times in the pools or gymnasium - so your party goers may have some additional fun.

Other Party Options 

If you enjoy doing all your own party planning, catering and setup, and you only need a venue for your party, see our meeting rooms, Whether you expect only a handful of guests or up to 400, we have the space.