Commercial Outdoor Burning

Outdoor Commercial Burning
Outdoor burning for the purpose of clearing off land for construction or for storm debris removal is prohibited by Liberty City ordinance. Approval for this type of fire can only be received from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). 

DNR burn permit applications can be obtained at Liberty Fire Department headquarters, at 200 W Mississippi Street. After submittal of the application, the site is inspected by the fire department, acting as an agent for MDNR, to determine if the site meets MDNR requirements for size and distance from other properties and buildings. If MDNR approves the burn application, they will issue a permit that states when and how the fire can be set. The Liberty Fire Department retains the authority to prohibit burning if hazardous weather conditions exist. 

The application for a burn permit through MDNR is available online. More information about Missouri's regulations on open burning is also available through MDNR.