Public Safety Sales Tax

The Liberty City Council has identified increasing funding for public safety to help with staffing, recruitment, retention as a priority. Council members and staff have worked for several years to obtain State authorization to put a Public Safety Sales Tax on the ballot for Liberty voters to consider. With the 98th General Assembly 2016 approval of Senate Bill 732 and the governor’s signing of the bill in August 2016, the City gained that authorization.

On January 23, the Liberty City Council unanimously voted to place a ½-cent Public Safety Sales Tax on the April 4, 2017 ballot.

If approved, how will the City use Public Safety Sales Tax?

  • Staffing and safety improvements in 2018. 
    • Funding for 4 new police officers
    • Funding for 3 new firefighters/EMS professionals.
  • Recruitment of police and firefighter/EMS staff. 
    • Provide competitive compensation to compete with area agencies in recruiting the best quality candidates. 
  • Retention of police and Fire/EMS staff. 

Who will pay this sales tax?

Everyone that shops in Liberty; both residents and non-residents who rely on public safety while in Liberty. This sales tax will not apply to utilities (electric, water and natural gas), gasoline or prescription drug purchases.

How much revenue will be generated by this sales tax?

If approved, it is estimated that the Public Safety Sales Tax will generate $2.5 million each year.

What does a 1/2-cent sales tax mean to you?

It would add 3 cents to the cost of a $6 fast food meal.
It would add 15 cents to the cost of a $30 pair of pants.
It would add $2 to the cost of a $400 dishwasher.

How would we know the funds would be used as promised?

Revenues from this sales tax would be placed in a dedicated Public Safety Sales Tax fund. An oversight committee comprised of citizens, a City Council liaison, City staff and Fire and Police union representatives, will be established to review the annual Public Safety Sales Tax budget and expenditures to ensure they adhere to voter intent.

If approved, when would this sales tax go into effect?

Retailers would begin collection the new tax in October 2017

How will the question appear on the ballot?

QUESTION: Public Safety Sales Tax
Shall the City of Liberty, Missouri, impose a citywide sales tax at a rate of one-half of one percent for the purpose of improving the public safety of the city?

Want to learn more?

If you would like to have information pertaining to this issue presented to your Liberty organization, please contact Sara Cooke via email or at 816.439.4416