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Tourism Grant Program 2018

  1. Tourism Grant Program Application

  2. Tourism grants are to support tourism attractions or destination events in the City of Liberty, to pay for event supplies and/or advertising that would not normally be possible within the organization’s budget. Both non-profit organizations and locally based businesses are welcome to apply.

    Monies must be used to enhance, not supplant, current projects or events or provide funding for a new project/event or advertising and must be used exclusively to promote tourism. 2018 applications will be due by June 29. Funds will be awarded mid-July. All funds must be used in 2018.

    All submissions should describe the tourism value or draw of visitors to Liberty and how the advertisement / event success will be measured in the description box.

    All funded printed materials must include the Visit Liberty logo and website URL (

    Each grant recipient will submit a grant recap report to the Tourism Committee by December 10.

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