Art Exhibits

Working with the City of Liberty and the Mid-Continent Library, the Liberty Arts Commission has developed three gallery spaces in Liberty that offer exhibits throughout the year. You don't just have to be paying your water bill, getting in your workout or checking out a new book to enjoy the art on display! Stop by any of these locations to take in the latest exhibits. 

Gallery Locations

  • Art Gallery at the Liberty Community Center (1600 S. Withers Road)
  • Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall (101 E. Kansas St.
  • Mid-Continent Library - Liberty Branch (1000 Kent St.)

Three Gallery Exhibit: Photographs by Joe Witowski

(Exhibit will run Oct. 1 - Nov. 17)

All three galleries will feature the spectacular photography of Joe Witowski. 

Witowski purchased his first professional camera and all the materials he needed to prepare a dark room in 1974.  That same day, he went home, sealed off a bedroom, and several hours later had printed his first photograph.

"That was it, I was hooked on photography and creating my own prints. My journey had begun. I would visit the forest preserves near me and became fascinated with trees, their age, condition, form and shape," Witowski said. "As my love of nature intensified, I started noticing the forest, and then beyond."

"I ventured further and further away from home and saw wonders that I had no idea existed.  I recorded the scenes, in print, so I could revisit the places long after I left as well as share them with others. There was something about capturing a specific scene at a specific moment in time that spoke to me.  I was compelled to do it, and have done so for the majority of my life.  For me, the print is the medium that comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance.”

Today, Witowski travels to photographs animals in their natural habitat at exotic locations, including five trips to Africa.

What I learned in the process is that 100 years ago there were 4 million African elephants. Today there are 400,000.," Witowski said.  "During this same time, the African lion population went from 200,000 to 30,000.  That is a 90% and 85% reduction. Although there are several initiatives to save these, and other, animals the outlook is not great.  I hope that my photography of these great creatures inspires others to help solve this problem."

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Meet the Artist 

Nov. 11, 2 p.m.  
Mid-Continent Public
Library - Liberty Branch

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Witowski's prints will be available for purchase.