Meeting Room Rental Information

Tables & Chairs
Chairs Only
Open Floor
Non-Member Rate* Center Member Rate*
Red Room 130 200 250 $66/hr $60/hr
White Room
65 100 125 $38.50/hr $35/hr
Blue Room
65 100 125 $38.50/hr $35/hr
Board Room - equipped with large conference table, 14 modern office chairs, kitchenette, large wall-mounted HDMI video monitor
14 (n/a)
(n/a) $27.50/hr $25/hr
Red/White Room
195 300 375 $99/hr $90/hr
White/Blue Room
130 200 250 $75/hr $70/hr
Red/White/Blue Room
260 400 500 $132/hr $120/hr
* all rates subject to change


Our meeting rooms are very busy spaces. Availability changes frequently and without notice as rental events, classes and programs are scheduled by several staff members.  Please see our Room Calendar for real-time availability of each room.  Remember, what you see one moment could change later.

Dates and Time Ranges

  • A minimum two-hour rental period is required.
  • A minimum one-hour gap is required for our cleaning crew between any two events in the same room. (This gap may not always show fully on the Room Calendar, but it is always required.)
  • The start time you reserve will become the earliest time anyone may enter the room - such as to decorate, deliver food, or setup equipment. Be sure to reserve enough time for your needs. Any time you do not reserve may be reserved by others.
  • Reservation times are firm. Unused time is not refunded.
  • A rental request will be dependent on staff availability if desired on a major holiday (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter).
  • After-hours reservation requests, especially those which cross over midnight into the next day, will initially be placed 'on hold' until sufficient staff can be confirmed to work the event.  This may not be possible for short-notice requests (less than two weeks).

Food & Drink

  • You may provide all desired food and non-alcoholic beverages for your event, permit others to bring food, or hire any caterer of your choice - including those not yet found on our growing list of caterers.
  • Alcohol service is possible if A) your event meets these Alcohol Service Requirements; B) you submit the $50.00 fee for an alcohol application; and C) complete the Application for Alcohol Service at least four weeks in advance.  (FYI, the $50.00 fee is refunded in full if your application is not approved.)


When making your reservation, please tell us which of these basic room layout designs is closest to your desired design.  We will email you a room diagram for you to rearrange as desired.  We will setup our complimentary tables and chairs according to your diagram.
Important setup notes:
  • Most table decor and free-standing room decor is permitted. However, decor which affixes to walls, ceilings, doors or windows is generally not permitted - especially when any tapes, adhesives, hooks, tacks or screws are involved.
  • Open-flame candles candles are not permitted. Electric candles and candles floating in a non-flammable water vessel are permitted.
  • Please bring your own extension cords and power strips.

Center Amenities

  • Anyone with a Center pass - daily or annual - may use the Center's gymnasium, pools, locker rooms, hot tub, sauna and wellness center.
  • See the pool and gymnasium schedules for open use times, when classes are not scheduled.
  • If you desire exclusive use of gymnasium or pools, these may be rented after Center closing hours.

Discounts, Packages and Other Notes

  • If your event exceeds $1,000.00 in rental charges, our Large Event Discount will apply.
  • See our Youth Party Packages for more details.
  • 'Risk' events (high capacities, alcohol, multi-days, etc.) require a refundable Security Prepayment.
  • Certain 'risk' events may require hiring off-duty officers to serve as safety personnel.
  • See a Sample Rental Agreement for specific details.

Reserve a Room Now

First, before calling, please view the Room Calendar to confirm availability on your desired event date and time range.  Next, call the Welcome Desk receptionist at 816-439-4361.  Open hours are 5:00am to 10:00pm on Monday through Thursday; 5:00am to 9:00pm on Friday; 8:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday and 9:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday. If busy, please leave a message. The receptionist will need the following:
  • Your basic contact information (name, address, mobile and/or home numbers).
  • Your preferred email address(es).
  • Your desired date(s), room(s) and time range(s) - starting from the time someone first needs inside the room (First-In) to begin your own setup and preparation, until all have left (Last-Out).
  • Your desired optional rental amenities (below), if any.
  • Your choice of one of ten basic starter diagrams, whichever is closest to your desired layout.
  • Full reservation payment by phone, using any major credit card.
  • Or, if preferred, you may visit the Center in-person to purchase your room reservation by check, cash or credit.

Optional Rental Amenities
Round tables, 60” diameter (40 available)
no charge
Rectangular tables, 8’ x 2.5’ (24 available)
no charge
Easel (2 available)
no charge
Flip chart (1 available)
no charge
Coat racks (3 available)
no charge
Screen, ceiling-mounted (one in each room, except Board Room)
no charge
Sound system - 4 wired microphones, CD player, 1 wireless lavaliere microphone, jacks for player (1 avail.)
Basic video projector (1 available)
High-lumen video projector (1 available) $55/day 
Coffee and water station - includes cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, napkins (2 available)
Speaker's lectern (1 available)

Additional Staff Rates
Building/Guest Attendant (anytime a reservation extends beyond regular Liberty Center hours)
Lifeguard (when hosting over 50 swimmers) $20/hr
Sound Technician (3 hour minimum, when requested for special sound needs) $20/hr